15.09.2023 / 18:00


Instagram: @nicolas_dudek

Picture Credit © Philia Kleemann


At just 16 years old, Nicolas Dudek is exhibiting as the youngest designer at MQVFW.23 for  the second time in a row. The Viennese high school student unfolds his striking designs  thanks to his creativity and the fact that he learned everything himself. 

Nicolas Dudek has already published two collections. His very first Spring-Summer 2023  collection, Le Ciel, inspired by the sky above Paris, with the changing colors and structures of  the clouds, uncontrollable for us humans, he proudly presented in September 2022 at the  MQVFW.22. His Fall-Winter 2023 collection, La Montagne, was a tribute to the majestic lines  of the high mountains and their beauty.  

Les Vacances is the motto of the Spring Summer 2024 Show. Inspired by the party life and  the carefree holiday feeling of the 90s. Nicolas Dudek has decided to reinterpret the flair of  the 90s and merge it with its design elements.  

Nicolas Dudek is the epitome of Gen-Z Power in the Viennese fashion industry.  Sustainability is a must for him, which is why he works exclusively with Dead Stock and  waste-free. In his shows and shoots, Nicolas Dudek always focuses on diversity. In his last  show he had the smallest and oldest model on the MQVFW.22, as well as three plus-size  models. Moreover, he does not allow himself to be limited by rigid categories such as  “womenswear” or “menwear”, but creates his fashion entirely according to his own ideas.

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