Adinda: Elegant Evening Wear with a Playful Touch of Lace and Wool

Her creations make the impossible possible. Adinda combines elegant, shimmering evening and wedding wear made of lace with merino wool and jersey. Her creations are more than elegant – they are stunning, with a certain cheeky, individual touch. On September 16, 2023, these unique pieces transformed the runway of MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK.23 into a ballroom.

With a tight ponytail and confident posture, the first model appeared on the runway in a black mini dress with a straight, even cut. Simple, yet breathtaking. Her neck was adorned with a wide, bright red woolen scarf, its front ending at chest height, while the back trailed along the floor like a wedding veil. However, Adinda’s creations use not just any wool but merino wool. This is the finest sheep’s wool, not only extremely soft and comfortable but also suitable for individuals who may not tolerate conventional wool on their skin, explained designer Adinda Meijts in an interview.

While the base of the second outfit was the same black mini dress, the overlying mid-blue turtleneck poncho and matching headband gave the look an entirely new effect. Elements that recurred throughout the show could already be observed here: edges and triangles. Apart from the triangular neckline, whose lower corner slightly pulled to the right, a small triangle was missing in the collar of the poncho. Even the more elegant costumes made of flowing fabric, tulle, and silk featured a diamond-shaped or V-neck cut in the back. Shimmering sequin details and unconventional ruching, placed in various locations, frequently emphasized the extravagance of the pieces.

The turquoise oversized wool dress with a turtleneck not only impressed with its fashionable elegance but also practical, side-sewn pockets. In essence, the Adinda fashion label stands for “wearability and individuality,” highlighted through unique cuts, carefully selected color combinations, and subtle details. In many creations, the fashion designer and master tailor worked with transparent silk fabric, causing even monochromatic, simpler jumpsuits and dresses to captivate the audience at MQVFW.23. Instead of accentuating the waist with a belt, a transparent fabric with floral vines drew the boundary between the upper body and legs, delicately playing around the hips. Elegant yet cheeky – that sums it up. Once again, the square, diagonal neckline caught the eye.

A pure delight. That describes the last evening gown of the show. The flowers embroidered in various shades of blue on the transparent fabric covered just the essentials and formed a halter-neck shape around the neck. Isolated flowers descended around the hip area, ending just below the knees. The shimmering skirt of the evening gown was in a noble sea blue and was enveloped by a navy blue apron made of merino wool. Like a stage curtain, it showcased the enchanting, shiny underskirt.

It was the first time Adinda combined both styles in one piece. “I wanted to show both because I specialize in both,” the designer explained in the interview. In addition to her work at the Raimund Theater, the designer creates evening wear on commission and knitwear for sale at markets and in pop-up stores. The goal for her first appearance at MQVFW was to create a common thread through the collection of evening wear and knitwear. She undoubtedly succeeded.

© Thomas Lerch; The breathtaking evening gown at the end of the show left the audience breathless. The combination of various shades of blue with merino wool, embroidered flowers, and shiny fabrics created the perfect wow effect.
© Thomas Lerch; Instead of accentuating the waist with a belt, a transparent fabric with floral patterns drew the boundary between the upper body and the beginning of the legs. The narrower strap was made of the same material. The transparent fabric added a sexy touch while still covering the essentials.
© Thomas Lerch; To avoid appearing overdressed at smaller occasions, Adinda’s cocktail dresses are perfect. The upper, wavy edge of the strapless, medium-blue dress was adorned with blue glitter, accentuating the neckline. From the waist downwards, a thin hem, also embellished with glitter in the same shade of blue, played around the model’s legs.
© Thomas Lerch; The princess look: Adinda knows how to combine large necklines with plenty of tulle and, above all, elegance.
© Thomas Lerch; Numerous ruchings covered the skirt of the dress, creating small stars. The top was adorned with embroidered flowers in the same dark green shade, flowing like a toga around the right shoulder, embellished with a kind of fabric feather.

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