MODEAKADEMIE SITAM: On the runway of success

The SITAM Fashion Academy has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in Austria’s fashion industry. Their graduates are known for their creativity, craftsmanship, and distinctive style. This year was another testament to how the school produces talented designers who are taking the fashion world by storm. At the MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2023, once again, the graduates of the Sitam Fashion Academy impressed with their breathtaking collections, causing a sensation.

© Kevin Blasl // Designer BUWEIAIJIEER ABULA

Creative Vision and Craftsmanship

The graduates of SITAM Fashion Academy are distinguished by their creative vision and exceptional craftsmanship. Each collection tells a unique story and expresses the personality of the designer. From avant-garde cuts by Hasik Eskandari-Sargisean to classic elegance by Brigitte Stern. During their time at the SITAM Fashion Academy, apprentices have the opportunity to refine their skills and find their own voice in the fashion industry.

© Kevin Blasl// Designer Mrs. KOS

The order of the designer collections was: Hasik Eskandari-Sargisean, Brigitte Stern, Albert Rzeszutek, Katarina Popov, Buweiaijieer Abula, Mrs. KOS, and finally CITYSPIRIT.

© Kevin Blasl // Designer ALBERT RZESZUTEK

The Vienna Fashion Academy SITAM has established itself as an educational institution for talented fashion designers who enrich the world of fashion with their innovative designs and craftsmanship. We can look forward to the exciting collections and success stories that the future holds for the graduates of this prestigious academy.

© Kevin Blasl // Designer ALBERT RZESZUTEK

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